Do I Need to Hire an Expert Witness if My Goal is to Settle a Case?

The key to settling a case is careful preparation, whether it is filing a complaint at the beginning of a case or walking into a trial years after the case has been filed. In many cases, the parties feel additional pressure to settle as a trial date looms, due to its hefty expenses and delays. To ensure you have achieved a fair and equitable settlement for your client, the services of legal expert witnesses will offer valuable guidance. A legal expert witness can provide specific insight into disputes over legal fees, legal hourly audits, co-counsel disputes, or firm retention and selection processes.

Although it may not be necessary to call the expert as a witness at trial, an experienced, knowledgeable expert witness shows opposing counsel that you are prepared for trial and that you are confident enough in your position to present it to a courtroom. A well-respected expert witness can be intimidating to opposing counsel. Hiring an expert early shows that you are working diligently on a case and taking it seriously. Additionally, opposing counsel will now have to figure out ways to negate your expert’s testimony.

The hiring of an expert, especially early in a case, will demonstrate to opposing counsel that they will have to suffer the expense or hiring an expert opinion of their own. Hiring an expert witness is a tool that many attorneys use to gain leverage, as the opposing party may be more likely to settle the case when he or she knows additional expenses are at stake. In the event that your case does go to trial, your expert will already be so familiar with the case that preparing for trial will be more efficient

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