How Legal Expert Witnesses Can Save Your Practice

From the first day of law school, attorneys are warned about the devastating impacts of malpractice lawsuits and client complaints to the state bar association. Unfortunately, at some point during your practice, you may be facing such a suit or complaint.

Although it is tempting to hide and hope that the entire ordeal just disappears, this will only damage your firm and your reputation as an attorney. Once you have notice of a complaint or malpractice filing, you must act as quickly as possible. One move that is essential to presenting your case is hiring a legal expert witness.

Legal expert witnesses are hired to demonstrate the reasonableness of attorneys’ fees and other decisions that attorneys have made during their representation of their clients. Hiring a legal expert witness will allow you to show the court or your state bar association that your fees were merited and/or that the decisions you made in your client’s case were reasonable decisions at the time.

When a complaint has been filed against you, you will of course be very stressed and emotional. A legal expert witness will look at the case objectively and will work with you to gather the necessary evidence to support your position. If you attempt to defend yourself alone, you may become panicked and risk damaging your professional reputation.

Additionally, a legal expert witness will allow you to remain focused on your practice. Although you will participate in your representation, your attorney and your expert witness will collaborate to present your case—which will allow you to continue your daily business operations.

Legal expert witnesses may also help you avoid litigation altogether. In many cases, when the opposing party hears the expert’s position, the opposing party settles upon realizing that the case is not as strong as originally thought.

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