Meeting with Expert Witnesses in Advance of Trial

When you hire a legal expert witness to provide testimony in a legal dispute over legal fees or firm retention and selection processes, preparing your expert is just as significant as the expert’s background and experience.

Experienced expert witnesses will typically have a grasp on courtroom procedures and what to expect. However, it is your responsibility to inform the expert of specific court rules in your jurisdiction. Additionally, if you are familiar with the judge presiding over your hearing, you can tell your expert what the judge is like so that the expert may prepare accordingly. Such preparation can help answer any of your expert’s questions and allow the focus to remain on the issues in the case.

Although there are commonalities in most court cases, specific court rules and procedures should be discussed in advance during a pre-testimony meeting. You should also take this time to discuss any recent developments in the law that may impact your case. Take the time to discuss direct examination, cross-examination, exhibits, and other issues so that your entire time is prepared for court.

A good attorney should always make the effort to walk through the court process with expert witnesses. The expert witness will be most prepared for his or her testimony when an advanced meeting is planned. This also contributes to the witness’ confidence in the courtroom, which will only help your case.

Identifying an appropriate expert witness is critical for your case. When you find a person with a background in providing insight on common disputes such as legal fees, vet him or her before hiring to determine whether the expert will be a good fit for your case. After careful preparation, you will be ready to proceed in front of the judge.

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