alternative dispute resolution

John S. Preston, Arbitration Attorney

Even in straightforward legal situations, disagreements over fees, practices or other decisions can lead to accusations of malpractice, bad faith and other disagreements.  When these issues occur, the first thought is often a lawsuit to both punish the alleged transgressor and obtain relief from the court.  But lawsuits – in any field – are never simple matters.  They are costly, with attorney’s fees piling up, sometimes eclipsing the original fees being disputed, they are lengthy, and their outcome is never guaranteed even if the issues appear clear-cut.  It doesn’t matter if the case is heard in Oakland or Alameda County, California or anywhere in the world, frankly – the golden rule is that it is always worthwhile to seek an alternative dispute resolution first.  Among the common alternative dispute resolutions that is available is arbitration.

If the key to settling disputes without the mess and cost of a lawsuit is arbitration, the key to arbitration is, obviously, the choice of arbitrator.  The arbitrator must have experience in professional arbitration – like John S. Preston.  The arbitrator must have varied and lengthy experience in legal, personal and business issues.  And the arbitrator must be recognized by his colleagues and the larger legal community as a reliable and expert arbitration professional.  With over thirty years of experience behind him, John Preston has served as a smart, creative and effective arbitrator for local business interests, large international corporations and individuals.  Whether it’s a local real estate dispute or a complex personal injury case, he has the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively bring parties together for arbitration and potential solution.

Arbitration is not a magic bullet.  It takes cooperation, a judicious guiding hand, and a spirit of civility.  If the parties involved can offer the former, John Preston stands ready to offer the latter.

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