Coordinating and Liaison Counsel Issues

While working with coordinating counsel provides beneficial opportunities for collaboration, it can also create disputes.  Especially when two attorneys come from separate firms, each with their own established guidelines and rules about cases, conflict can happen.  With hands-on experience in cases involving coordinating counsel, we can help you identify the crucial case issues.  Regardless of the kind of dispute involving coordinating counsel, we can provide you vital assistance.

In many cases, expert witnesses can help to either back up or disprove existing allegations.  As part of an overall strategy, an expert witness is highly valuable at addressing industry-specific issues and clearing up the facts of the case.  Where there are technical issues at stake, an expert witness can save you a lot of time and money by laying out their opinion regarding a range of topics.  If you are involved in a dispute about coordinating counsel, it is in your best interest to clear up the conflict as soon as possible.  Involving an experienced expert witness is one such way of managing this dispute effectively and efficiently.  Contact our office today to find out how we can help in your coordinating counsel dispute.

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